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What is Tools for Schools? How can the Inclusion Framework and OAIP support my setting?

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Team around the school or education setting

In West Sussex, there is a range of services and teams available to educational settings to provide advice and support around meeting the needs of children and young people. The Graduated Approach requires settings to use best endeavours to remove barriers to learning, make reasonable adjustments, provide supportive approaches and put effective special educational provision in place.

When adopting the Graduated Approach as described in the SEND Code of Practice (section 6.44 onwards), schools should regularly repeat the four-part cycle (Assess, Plan, Do, Review : APDR). During the APDR cycle, earlier decisions and actions are revisited, refined and revised. This enables educational settings to develop a growing understanding of the child or young person’s needs and approaches that support them in making good progress and securing good outcomes. It draws on more detailed approaches, more frequent reviews and more specialist expertise in successive cycles in order to match interventions to the SEN of children and young people.

This section on Tools for Schools provides information on the range of local services in West Sussex that will provide the specialist expertise and support the Graduated Approach. It provides links to information about each team including arrangements for making appropriate requests.

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