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How to engage ‘seldom heard’ parent carers

In addition to the schools normal parental communication and engagement methods:

  • Conduct a curriculum audit: How colonial is the current curriculum? Consider introducing content in an organic way.
  • Celebrate each family’s historic geographical routes – families may come from other parts of UK or aboard – focus on celebrating diversity and something distinct about each region.
  • Staff book club – consider reading texts such as ‘Roll of thunder hear my cry’ by Mildred Taylor.
  • Consider appropriate texts for children – e.g. Year 6 ‘ A boy at the back of the class’ by Onjauli Rauf;  – asylum theme.
  • There are also some useful texts on Tools for Schools.
  • Ensure all groups are represented on school council.
  • Invite targeted parent carers to work with you to design a workshop for parent carers.
  • Encourage pupils to design / personalise invites for their parent carers. They are less likely to turn down a personalised invite their child has written than a standard school letter.
  • Hold a parent carer session / coffee morning with outside providers – could be a drop in or part of a wider session. Include library staff, local organisations who provide holiday activities, parental support, West Sussex parent carer forum, YES service etc.
  • Introduce a parent carer budding system.
  • Hold a quiz night or Bingo evening for parent carers. This may help to regain interest to restart a flagging PTA.
  • Introduce a parent carer communication approach where parent carers can celebrate a child’s holistic achievement or interests (could be making a cake etc).This could be a way of supporting parent carers to highlight what’s going on as well which will in turn help them to gain confidence in the school and that their views will be listened to.  

Last updated 16 August 2021

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