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Difficulties participating and presenting as withdrawn or isolated

Provision and / or strategies:

  • Use assessment through teaching – e.g. are there parts of the curriculum that they find easier to manage than others? Use these to develop confidence.
  • Analyse informal observations; frequency observations and other observation sheets.
  • Discuss with colleagues and your special educational needs co-ordinator (SENCO). Check if there are staff members who seem to get a more positive response. What are the strategies or approaches they use with the pupil? Can these be more widely replicated?
  • Differentiate tasks to ensure that all child or young person (CYP) experiences success in the classroom.
  • Include explicit teaching of behaviour expectations.
  • Try small group work e.g. friendship or social skills, nurture groups.
  • Give the young person responsibility for looking after someone else.
  • Use a backward chaining approach – bringing CYP in at the end of assembly or school day.
  • Use play based activities.
  • Establish the CYP’s interests.
  • Use buddying /peer mentoring to enable the CYP to take on both roles enabling them to receive support from a peer and providing support to a peer.
  • Try activities which provide the CYP with a sense of belonging or importance to the group.

Last updated 3 September 2020

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