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Developmental co-ordination difficulties

Provision and / or strategies:

Developmental co-ordination difficulties was previously known as dyspraxia. In addition to the strategies suggested in the Cognition and Learning section, the following may be of help.

  • Develop the child or young person’s core stability e.g. wobble cushion, exercises and games.
  • Ensure correct seating position with appropriately sized table and chairs.
  • Provide support for letter formation e.g. using a multi-sensory handwriting scheme, pencil grips, sloping boards etc.
  • Provide physical activities to support development of gross motor skills e.g. throwing, catching, hopping etc.
  • Develop fine motor skills e.g. hand and arm exercises, specialist scissors, pegboard, threading, play dough, pincher grips activities e.g. pegs onto washing line.
  • Provide sequencing and organisational skills e.g. first / next boards, writing frames, visual timetables.

Last updated 3 September 2020

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