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What is Tools for Schools? How can the Inclusion Framework and OAIP support my setting?

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The Meeds SEND Alliance

The Meeds SEND Alliance offers a range of services to schools and families locally and throughout West Sussex to support them with their SEND provision.

The knowledge and expertise of staff at Woodlands Meed provides schools with the support and information they need to support individuals, or groups of children with SEND. The Meeds SEND Alliance offers a membership service to their locality schools which allows them to access support including outreach visits, networking opportunities and a resource library.

Our termly training schedules are available to all West Sussex schools and are mostly performed virtually. Our speakers offer a range of topic areas such as:

  • Zones of regulation
  • Team Teach
  • Mental Health First Aid
  • Jump Ahead
  • Sensory training
  • Attachment

Last updated 1 July 2021

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