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Making the most of ‘doing’

How an intervention and support package is put into place is as important as what we do.

The following prompt questions for implementing the agreed plan may help with this process:

  • How will you ensure that the key people involved in implementing the agreed action plan will do so? It may be helpful to check in on progress a week after the plan was agreed and then at regular intervals.
  • Who will take responsibility for implementing the plan on a daily basis?
  • How will you ensure that the person who takes responsibility (e.g. class teacher, learning support assistant) has the ability to monitor the quality and effectiveness of interventions?
  • Can you provide them with any templates or frameworks that they can use to gather information or evidence in relation to the outcomes of agreed actions in the plan?
  • Are you able to schedule time for them to come and talk to you/seek advice when needed? Are they aware that they can do this?
  • How can you work together to ensure the child or young person and their parent carer understands the plan and has an active role in its implementation throughout?
  • Can you enable them to provide feedback on sessions or interventions to ensure that the agreed strategies are implemented effectively, sensitively and confidently?
  • How will you ensure all staff are aware of the agreed plan and are adhering to any changes or implications for practice? 
  • How will the skills learnt in any groups or 1:1 sessions be transferred into classroom work and real-life situations?
  • Have you planned in opportunities to enable the child or young person to practise and establish skills in class and at break?

Last updated 28 April 2023

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