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Early years: Attention difficulties

Strategies and approaches:

  • Ensure that experiences and activities are suitable for the child e.g. the length  / timing/ interests.
  • Explore what motivates the child, and use their motivations to support them to maintain attention.
  • Provide consistent structure and routines to the day/ session/task.
  • Give clear simple directions.
  • Provide adult support for the child away from distractions and demonstrate good “learning” role models.
  • Think about potential reasons and identify any patterns.
  • Record behaviour- but remember to analyse and review trends.
  • Allow plenty of time for movement or frequent small concentration periods.
  • Plan activities in small manageable chunks.
  • Be aware of times of the day that may be more difficult.
  • Provide calm/low arousal out spaces.
  • Remember to consult with the child’s parent carers so they can share with you their perspective.

Last updated 2 November 2021

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