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Early years: Generalised learning difficulties e.g. difficulties across the curriculum but with some areas of strength. A child with an uneven profile of skills and attainment.

Strategies and approaches:

  • Ensure the child has full access to the breadth of learning by making adjustments and modifications to differentiate the curriculum, right across the board.
  • Staff support the characteristics of effective teaching and learning and plan activities designed to develop skills which will support them to become independent learners.
  • Support the child to develop their self-esteem through celebration and reinforcement of strengths and successes.
  • Support the child to draw on their own experiences in their play and support them to extend and build on their ideas, concepts and skills.
  • Extend the child’s interests and introduce them to new experiences by providing a variety of activities using creative and playful approaches.
  • Provide first-hand real-life experiences as part of your everyday routines for children to explore and discover.
  • Plan and resource a challenging environment where the child’s play can be supported and extended.
  • Encouraging and support the child to persevere through difficulties, to ask questions, problem-solve and take risks.
  • Identifying and supporting next steps in learning utilising information from home to offer the child consistent challenge.


Learning Playing and Interacting

Challenging Practice to Further Improve Learning Playing and Interacting in the EYFS 

Building Futures, Believing in Children

Building Futures, Developing Trust

Confident, Capable and Creative

Finding and Exploring Young Children’s Fascinations

Supporting Children with EAL

Early Years Resources, with extensive SEN resources that are suitable for supporting children with developmental coordination disorder

Last updated 8 January 2024

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