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Useful links – 3. Resources to support anti-racism work with staff and students

PLEASE NOTE: These links support the Promoting Equality & Tackling Racism guidance document. They cover a wide range of external sites and sources, and are intended to assist schools in their research and planning.

West Sussex EMTAS periodically check the correct links and relevance of the resources. Links were accurate as dated 26th August 2022.

Refugee Week
The Big Hair Assembly World Afro Day
Equality, diversity & inclusion calendars:

Shap: An e-calendar of religious festivals, featuring dates, descriptions and photography.

Dual Frequency: A calendar colour-coded to the Equality Act 2010. Each date is a clickable button which links to further useful information.
Talking about Racism
A social story, created by Herons Dale Primary School
Talking and writing about ethnic minorities and different ethnic groups
Government advice on words and phrases to use and those to avoid
Show Racism the Red Card
Anti-Bullying Alliance:
‘Tackling race and faith targeted bullying face to face and online’: A short guide for schools

Links and reading related to Racist and Faith Targeted Bullying

Gypsy, Roma & Traveller Targeted Bullying
Talk it Over
Resource to facilitate evidence-based conversations on online hate and how to tackle it with secondary aged pupils.
National Ambassador Scheme
An online programme from The Black Curriculum helping young people aged 14 – 18 to advocate and educate in their school community
Diversity Acrostic Poem Book
An educational book with practical steps for individuals seeking knowledge of diversity and cultural competence.
Designed primarily for social workers and foster carers, this resource can be equally effective in supporting teachers or other professionals.
Deserving Better
MA Education Consultancy – handbook for young people in high school to start conversations about decolonising the curriculum. Includes reflections and educational resources.
National Education Union:
Framework for anti-racist approach
– discussion starters for staff, key points to think about.

Antiracism charter
Racial Equity Tools
Designed to support individuals and groups working to achieve racial equity
West Sussex Schools Library Service booklists. KS1 & KS2:
Diversity and Inclusion, fiction
Diversity and Inclusion, non-fiction

West Sussex Library Service:
Black Stories Matter (children / teenagers)
Celebrating Diversity
Wordless picture books
Refugees seeking asylum and moving to a new country
A Teach First community library, full of recommendations for more diverse English literature lessons
BBC Newsround:
White privilege: What is it and how can it be used to help others?

Several pieces about racism and the George Floyd protests in 2020
Anti-defamation League:
‘How should I talk about race in my mostly white classroom?’ – seven practical steps.

Glossary of terms and definitions for educational anti-bias programs and resources – for older students.
Podcasts from the West Sussex Youth Cabinet
Racial Equality episodes include: ‘Today’s Black Youth’, ‘Representation in Education’, ‘Islamophobia’ & ‘Asian Hate’. Podcast lengths vary.
Beyond BAME – What does the public think?
British Future (an independent thinktank)
“So the term BAME has had its day. But what should replace it?”
Guardian article
Race and Racism in English Secondary Schools, 2020 report
From The Runnymede Trust
The Traveller Movement Good Practice Guide
Guide for improving outcomes for Gypsy, Roma & Traveller children in education.
Peggy Mcintosh ‘White Privilege: Unpacking the invisible rucksack’
Fifty questions accompanied by a powerful commentary
The Impact of Cultural Diversity on Special Education Provision
From ‘The Journal of International Association of Special Education’, 2012
Decolonising the UK Curriculum
Blog about one school’s experience of embedding a whole school approach to decolonising the curriculum
Decolonising the Curriculum, Equity & Action
‘The Teacherist’ website – useful articles.
Includes the resource for working with staff: ‘Challenging our racism / Challenging your racism’.
A Curriculum for Anti-Racism
Mr Finch – blogpost, June 2020
‘Why diversity matters in our very non-diverse school’ TES article – R Handley Kirk, 2020
‘Why primary schools need to be teaching diversity and tolerance as early as possible’
Teachwire article – W A Mirza, 2020
‘Missing pages – Increasing racial diversity in the literature we teach
Teach First Report – September 2020
‘Seeing yourself in what you read: Diversity and children and young people’s reading’
National Literacy Trust report – 2020
Reflecting Realities – Centre for Literacy in Primary Education
Survey of Ethnic Representation within UK Children’s Literature – 2021
The Opportunity Agenda
Ten lessons for talking about race, racism and racial justice
‘Them and Us’ 
Report on race equality interventions in predominantly white schools – 2009

Last updated 26 August 2022

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