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2.2 Policies

West Sussex Inclusion Framework September 2021 doc
West Sussex Inclusion Framework September 2021 doc

Is there evidence that…

  • Policies are documents which are reflected in observable practice of the school and its routines.

Discussion Prompts / evidence of impact

  • The school’s inclusive vision and aims are reflected in all policies. Policies are easily accessible and available in a range of appropriate formats.
  • Key policies are developed and reviewed with children and young people (CYP) and parent carers. CYP and parents carers are consulted and included in planning, implementing and reviewing policies and processes for improvement around the school and can actively contribute through ideas and initiatives. Where recommended templates are used, they are reviewed to ensure they are personal and appropriate to the school. Particular efforts are made to consult with CYP and parents from minority groups that may be less represented within the teaching staff, the SLT and/or the governing body.
  • All CYP, parents, staff and governors have access to relevant policies and can describe their effective implementation – they find them supportive and can provide examples where the policies have had a positive impact.
  • Governors receive regular reports that allow them to effectively monitor equality and diversity. They act on the information that they receive and can articulate the impact of their work.
  • The governing body ensures all policies are reviewed to ensure they accurately reflect current legislation/guidance, and are up to date, relevant, responsive and linked to whole school and individual provision maps. Where model policies are used, these are made bespoke to the school’s context.
  • There are systematic procedures for reviewing and evaluating policies with all stakeholders. Adjustments are made following feedback from this review process.

Last updated 16 August 2021

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