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1.5. Accessibility

Is there evidence that…

West Sussex Inclusion Framework September 2021 doc
West Sussex Inclusion Framework September 2021 doc
  • The school is accessible to all children and young people.

Discussion prompts / evidence of impact

  • Children/young people, parents, governors and staff are involved in regular accessibility walks in school, which feed back into school policy and facility management.
  • The school has adapted the environment so that all children/young people and staff are able to manage their own movements around the school site, e.g. use of adapted visual timetables, handrails, slopes for wheelchair access, braille signs/textured walls, sensory management adaptations.
  • The school conducts sensory audits of inside and outside of the school to identify potential sensory challenges and how these could be managed.
  • Expectations for safe movement around the site are understood and consistently followed by children/young people and staff.

Last updated 3 March 2022

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