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1.2. A welcoming environment

West Sussex Inclusion Framework September 2021 doc
West Sussex Inclusion Framework September 2021 doc

Is there evidence that…

  • A welcoming school where children and young people (CYP), parents and visitors are greeted and feel they belong.
  • Key information about the school and local community is readily available.

Discussion prompts / evidence of impact

  • CYP and parents can describe how they are welcomed and what efforts are made to overcome any barriers to their involvement and participation, so that everyone feels that they belong. For example, parents are greeted and treated with an awareness of different cultural, disability or sensory considerations.
  • The welcome area(s) is physically accessible to all visitors. A copy of the school’s accessibility plan is available on the school website.
  • Members of the leadership team regularly greet parents and CYP at the start and end of the day.
  • Welcoming areas have:
    • positive images and messages welcoming people from different parts of the community.
    • images and names of key staff enabling visitors to know who they are talking to.
  • Information is provided in different formats and languages –the school proactively finds out which families need this information.
  • Parents understand the support that the school is expected to provide for its CYP and can signpost to support available beyond the school. For example, Special Educational Needs and Disability Information, Advice and Support Service (SENDIAS) and other relevant agencies, Local Offer and Ordinarily Available Inclusive Practice.

Last updated 3 March 2022

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