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Supported transitions into pre-school settings

In addition to the setting’s usual transition process:

  • Set up a meeting with the parents/carers and relevant professionals to plan for the transition into the setting.
  • Plan and record the meeting using the Supported Transition Plan template.
  • At the meeting record details of agencies involved. 
  • Work with the parents/carers and the child to complete a ‘My One Page Profile’ or discuss where one has been written previously.
  • The NCB website contains some useful information about how to capture the child’s voice.
  • Carry out additional home visits and/or settling in sessions (share photos or videos of setting to prepare the child).
  • Regularly review provision plan with parents/carers

If required:

  • Undertake an accessibility audit and create an accessibility plan.
  • If the child requires medication, gain consent for administration, identify any staff training required and agree how information will be shared within the setting.
  • If the child has health needs, plan care provision.
  • Complete and action a risk management plan.

Links to Guidance and Documentation for Supported Transition Plan

Last updated 9 March 2021

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