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Fair Access Team

The Fair Access Team manage the admissions of children to school, who do not have a school place and meet the Fair Access Protocol criteria. The team provide advice, support and guidance to schools, parents and governors. The team give advice about the exclusion process and signpost schools when a pupil is at risk of exclusion. The team commission places for children who have been permanently excluded, require support when they are at risk of exclusion. They also support children who have health needs, which impact on their ability to attend school.

We are pleased to share the new online referral form for all referrals via Fair Access to the West Sussex Alternative Provision College (APC). This form should be used for all referrals for Statutory Medical Provision, Directed Off Site Placements and Inclusion Support.  Additionally, the current Microsoft Word form will continue to be accepted until the end of the 2023/24 Academic year.

Team Manager – Sara Hughes or tel: 033022 22059