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Difficulties following and accepting adult direction

Provision and / or strategies:

  • Look for patterns and triggers to identify what may be causing behaviours e.g. use of language.
  • Be aware that these behaviours may indicate an unmet need for safety.
  • Use positive scripts – positive language to re-direct and reinforce expectations e.g. use of others as role models.
  • Consider calming scripts to de-escalate, including for example, use of sand timers for ‘thinking time’.
  • Provide limited choices to give the child / young person a sense of control whilst following adult led activities.
  • Use meaningful positive feedback to reward prosocial behaviours with whatever the child is personally motivated by. For example LEGO, superhero play, jigsaws, technology.
  • Consider creating a visual timetable and using visual cues such as sand timers to support the end of activities and sharing.

Last updated 1 November 2021

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