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Visual impairment

Provision and or strategies:

  • Work together with other professionals e.g. Sensory Support Team, mobility officer, to share strategies and advice to enable the child or young person to access the learning environment. For example, through the use of Information and Computer Technology (ICT), alternative visual resources or pre-learning.
  • Consider the child / young person’s lighting and position for (including at group / lunchtime) and how it supports their vision.
  • Provide uncluttered space and plain backgrounds to help the CYP focus on the appropriate object.
  • Use auditory reinforcements.
  • Use talking books & literature/books or those with braille if the child or young person is a braille reader.
  • Use reading apps.
  • Provide additional resources for inclusive play. for example, a bell in the ball, so all can play together.
  • Ensure the child or young person has time to map the room on a daily basis. Allow re-mapping when furniture and resources change place to reduce confusion and potential injury.
  • Create a folder of frequently used (transferable) resources which the CYP can access during lessons.
  • Use a 3D printer.
  • Take account of mobility needs such as accessing mobility / cane training.
  • Provide access to low visual aids.
  • Consider using talking equipment for life skills / curriculum activities.
  • Provide access to quieter learning environments.

Last updated 3 November 2021

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