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Physical sensitivity

Provision and / or strategies

  • Consult with parents to identify potential trigger times and activities.
  • Consider conducting a sensory audit of the school environment.
  • Share strategies and advice with all members of staff to support the child and young person’s sensory diet.
  • Consider referral to the Occupational Therapy Service.
  • Access staff training (such as sensory integration) if needed.
  • Work together with other professionals to share strategies and advice to support the child’s sensory diet.
  • Identify activities which help the child / young person to regulate. Use these at appropriate times of day to promote access to learning.
  • Consider the impact of break times, dinner time and transitions. Work with the child to develop strategies which help them feel ready to learn.
  • Consider using sensory reduction planning.
  • Consider using individual workstations.
  • Build resilience using timers.

Last updated 3 November 2021

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