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Difficulty with social communication and developing relationships

Provision and / or strategies

  • Plan small groupings and opportunities to develop social understanding and inference.
  • Group work is planned and used flexibly to promote independence from adults.
  • Model functional language, for example, pointing, facial expressions, open body language / position at child’s level.
  • Organise small group / 1 to 1 tasks and activities, for example those which involve turn taking and learning each other’s names, building up the size of the group gradually, adult to child, adult to two children etc.
  • Promote a calm learning environment.
  • Be clear and consistent in your communication of expectations.
  • Ensure staff support the child to label their own and other’s emotions.
  • Create communication friendly spaces for the child.
  • Monitor the child at break and lunchtime and introduce strategies to support peer interactions, e.g. teaching of structured games.

Last updated 2 November 2021

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