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Training Offer

‘Therapeutic Thinking approaches to behaviour management’ is a 3-day training event that is used to review and re-focus whole school behaviour management systems, policy and culture. In doing this, the school or setting is better able to manage the needs of children who may have experienced Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and / or trauma.

The full training for Therapeutic Thinking is a 3-day face-to-face course (currently virtual training). The course runs on 3 consecutive days from 9am to 4pm. Attendees are required to attend all 3 full days.

The training is designed for the Head Teacher and other senior leaders, including Inclusion Leads and SENCOs.  The training is always delivered with the full support and authority of school’s or setting’s leadership and management team.

As part of the SEND and Inclusion Strategy 2019-24, West Sussex is facilitating the delivery of Therapeutic Thinking training. All schools are able to access this training should they wish to.  Our hope is that two people from every school in West Sussex will attend the full training, which will result in a consistent approach to managing behaviour across the county (please refer to the aims).

Once staff have successfully attended the 3-day training sessions, they are considered tutors in Therapeutic Thinking. The tutors will then have full access to the presentation resources and analytic tools in order to embed the principles within their setting.

Tutors will also be invited to join termly network meetings.

Tutors are invited to attend a Refresher Training session annually.

About the three day training course

The three day training course is led by an external Therapeutic Thinking consultant, Angela Wadham. The training is delivered using Power Point, group work and discussion.  All attendees are provided with a hard copy of the power point for notetaking and an electronic version to use when back in their schools.

The training consists of the following types of modules:

Engagement modules:  these enable attendees to realise the necessity for the therapeutic thinking philosophy to be embedded in the school or settings. 

Action modules: the sharing of a range of resources to analyse behaviour.

There is always a Local Authority representative at the training to answer questions and comment on any county-based queries and provide the local perspective.

The training provides clear guidance on how to use the Therapeutic Thinking analysis and planning tools. Hard and electronic copies of these tools are given to all attendees to use and share in their schools.

On the third training day the attendees each deliver their own 8-minute presentation to the group with a partner. This is an essential part of the training. The presentation, resources and time to prepare are included within the training.

What training dates are available?

  • 30th January-1st February 2024
  • 2nd February 2024 – refresher for those already trained
  • 23rd-25th April 2024
  • 26th April 2024 – refresher for those already trained
  • 7th-9th May 2024
  • 1st-3rd October 2024
  • 4th October 2024 – refresher for those already trained
  • 28th-30th January 2025
  • 3rd March 2025 – refresher for those already trained
  • 3rd-5th June 2025
  • 14th-16th October 2025
  • 17th October – refresher for those already trained

One-day courses:

  • Monday 29th January 2024: Principles of Group Dynamics
  • Monday 22nd April 2024: Principles of Emotional Literacy
  • Monday 1st July 2024: Principles of a Behaviour Curriculum
  • Monday 24th March 2025: Principles of Group Dynamics
  • Wednesday 7th May 2025: Principles of Emotional Literacy
  • Monday 16th June 2025: Principles of a Behaviour Curriculum

Costs are dependent on whether the training is delivered virtually or face-to-face. Please see West Sussex Services for Schools for further information regarding costs.

How to book:

Places can be booked through West Sussex Services for Schools.

Last updated 15 January 2024

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