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Inclusive education in West Sussex

In West Sussex, inclusive education is:

  • Championing all children and young people (CYP). To help them achieve, thrive and fulfil their potential. This is regardless of their background, identity, ability or circumstance
  • Actively removing barriers to CYP’s participation. To ensure a high-quality and meaningful learning experience. That creates a sense of belonging for all CYP that will prepare them for their next stage in life or adulthood
  • Working together to promote high levels of equity, equality of access, opportunity and excellence. Whilst recognising and celebrating diversity.
  • Working in co-production with CYP and their parent carers. To make sure they can take part in decision making
  • Responding to individual need and valuing the contribution of all.
  • Everyone’s responsibility

These are human rights. Everyone regardless of ability, disability, background, parental income or ethnicity has these. Inclusion promotes diversity, tolerance, respect and individuality. It also helps to end underachievement, discrimination and social exclusion from society.

The development of inclusive education is an ongoing process. Which requires professional commitment and resources to progress.

The following video shares some thoughts on inclusion from some of our West Sussex schools, children, young people and parent carers.

The West Sussex vision supports the UNESCO 2030 Education Agenda. In which every learner matters. The agenda sees differences not as a problem to solve but as a chance to democratise and enrich learning. Differences can act as a catalyst for innovation. This will benefit all learners whatever their personal characteristics and home circumstances.

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