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What is Tools for Schools? How can the Inclusion Framework and OAIP support my setting?

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  • Ensure all relevant information has been transferred from the previous setting. Check that this has been shared/disseminated with key staff. Promote dissemination of information across new setting as appropriate to the young person’s needs and wishes.
  • Ensure that staff understand the needs of their pupils. For example, through one-page profiles, pupil passports and EHCPs.
  • Meet with new parents/carers in the first term to discuss how pupils are settling in. It is also good practice to contact the family after a week, perhaps by a telephone call, to answer any questions they may have.
  • Ensure that appropriate support is in place and check how well this is working.
  • Meet with the CYP in the first term to check how they are settling in.
  • Plan a ‘6 weeks in’ meeting with key staff from the two settings/ schools, parents and the CYP to reflect on and celebrate the successes of the transition and show that they are held in mind by the previous setting.
  • Make sure relevant services/teams are made aware if there are concerns or issues at early stage so support can be given to overcome any issues.
  • Feeder schools / setting to offer on-going advice and support to receiving setting as appropriate.
  • Continue to promote discussion of staff training needs and deliver or explore providers as appropriate.

Last updated 2 March 2021

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