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Difficulties following and accepting adult direction

Provision and / or strategies:

  • Look for patterns and triggers to identify what may be causing behaviours e.g. use of language.
  • Be aware that these behaviours may underlie an unmet need for safety.
  • Use positive scripts – positive language to re-direct and reinforce expectations e.g. use of others as role models.
  • Consider calming scripts to deescalate, including for example, use of sand timers for ‘thinking time’.
  • Provide limited choices to give the young person a sense of control whilst following adult led activities.
  • Use meaningful rewards and consequences flexibly and creatively such as ‘catch them being good’ sticker charts or whatever the child or young person is personally motivated by, e.g. hair care, personal care, sports, shooting baskets, controlled access to iPad, YouTube etc.
  • Consider creating a visual timetable and using visual cues such as sand timers to support the end of activities and sharing.

Last updated 3 September 2020

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