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Attention difficulties

Provision and /or strategies:

  • Have a clear structure to the day.
  • Have a consistent seating plan for all lessons – primary or secondary.
  • Sit the child or young person (CYP) away from distractions near good “learning” role models.
  • Have clear expectations regarding behaviours and a clear and consistent response to behaviours.
  • Think about potential reasons, is there a pattern?
  • Record behaviour- but remember to analyse and review trends.
  • Allow plenty of time for movement or frequent small concentration periods.
  • Plan lessons in small manageable chunks.
  • Be aware of times of the day that may be more difficult.
  • Use of a ‘time out’ card to enable classroom behaviour to remain positive. Do not assume the ‘time out’ card is being “abused” if it is used often for one lesson of the week. It may be that there are certain sensory – or otherwise – barriers to learning for the CYP in this lesson.
  • Consider whether any reasonable adjustments need to be made to discipline procedures / behaviour policies and ensure these are in line with equalities legislation.
  • Remember to consult with the CYP so they can share with you their perspective.

Last updated 3 September 2020

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