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Physical outbursts causing harm to others and/or to self and/or damage to property

Provision and / or strategies

  • Use a consistent approach to managing individuals with “reasonable adjustments” made.
  • Continue to implement strategies that are reassuring.
  • Offer clear guidance – explicit messages letting the pupil know what is expected of them.
  • Offer a ‘Get out with Dignity’ clause letting the pupil leave the situation.
  • Monitor so that you have a good understanding of the frequency and location of triggers – frequency charts; STAR observation sheet; ABCC observation sheets; informal observations should be carried out to analyse incidents, develop understanding and plan for adjustments according.
  • Encourage two-way communicate with families about what might be happening at home (e.g. divorce, bereavement, illness) and strategies that work/don’t work and relaying this information to staff.
  • Put preventative strategies in place, e.g. avoiding high arousal situations such as busy corridors.
  • Arrange a safe and calm area / reflection room, chosen in agreement with the child / young person.
  • Employ appropriate de-escalation strategies in place (e.g. time out card)
  • Implement a risk management plan which includes pro-active strategies, early interventions to reduce anxiety/harm and reactive strategies to ensure a consistent approach.
  • Devise and use Reintegration plans – to support the pupil in returning to full time schooling.  A gradual reintegration is most effective.
  • Implement a clear plan of action, agreed with parents with regard to physical intervention (Schools do not need parental permission to use reasonable force on CYP).  A Risk Assessment must be in place if the CYP is causing a risk.
  • Following a Fixed Term Exclusion, ask for and read the Pastoral Support Plans (PSP). Ensure that strategies are implemented, and feedback given to pastoral lead.

Last updated 3 September 2020

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