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Difficulties understanding what is being said to them.

Provisions and /or strategies:

  • Consider how many information carrying words a CYP can manage when giving instructions – adapt use of language and method, e.g. simple choices, reduce complexity and sentence length.
  • Provide visual prompts if necessary, including key vocabulary, visual timetables, now and next, gestures and labelling equipment with pictures.
  • Ensure the adult is physically at CYP’s level.
  • Give extra / allow take up time to process what has been said.
  • Think about the environment and how to limit any distractions.
  • Check you have engaged the CYP’s attention before talking to them use their name.
  • Check that hearing has been tested.
  • Pre-teach topic vocabulary and provide opportunities to re-visit understanding and use of words.
  • Consider use of  ‘First, then, now, next’ visual framework.
  • Ensure access to an oral language modifier for assessments.

Last updated 3 September 2020

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