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Age phase transfer for children with an EHCP in Year 2 and Year 6

Around Easter time (1 year and 1 term before transfer) a letter is sent to families seeking preferences.

Year 5 Annual Reviews take place in their primary schools during the summer term at the latest (some during Spring) and sent into SENAT.

During the Summer holidays SENAT collate preferences and begin amending EHCPs.

In the Autumn Term consultations with schools begin and the issuing of draft EHCPs start.  Governor consultation covering letters will indicate whether the family have made a preference for the school (the covering letter will say something like ‘X’s parent has expressed a preference to join your school’) or it will just say, ‘We are consulting about a place in your school’.  SENAT do not ask for 3 preferences like admissions, just for one, with the option of adding more if parents would like to or parents can make a ‘case’ for their preference.

Across the Autumn term responses to consultations are collated, any feedback on draft EHCPs is collated/acted upon and usually from January SENAT start issuing finals/confirming placements.  The deadline is February 15th for all Year 7 places to be named/finals issued.