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Category: Blog

  1. Selective Mutism

    Selective Mutism is an anxiety-based condition in which children are unable to speak in specific situations. The child or young…

    Last updated 26 May 2022
  2. Autism in Girls: An Internal Presentation

    By Cathy Wassell, CEO of Autistic Girls Network Autism in girls has been much discussed in recent years, but while…

    Last updated 11 May 2022
  3. New guide supports bilingual children with autism

    A new resource to support autistic children who are bilingual or are learning English as an additional language has been…

    Last updated 14 April 2022
  4. Autism Acceptance Week: 28th March -3rd April 2022!

    You are invited to join the Autism and Social Communication Team as we celebrate Autism Acceptance Week. As any of…

    Last updated 28 March 2022
  5. Update to SEND & Inclusion Strategy

    We have worked closely with colleagues from SEND Commissioning, health, social care and parent carers to see how our SEND…

    Last updated 21 March 2022
  6. Dyslexia Aware Schools Award (DASA)

    Five more primary schools have recently achieved the revamped DASA award.

    Last updated 11 March 2022
  7. Embracing Therapeutic Thinking…One Secondary School’s Success

    A celebration of the therapeutic thinking approach at a West Sussex secondary school.

    Last updated 24 March 2022
  8. Dyscalculia…what it is and how to help

    Learn more about dyscalculia, a specific learning difficulty pertaining to numeracy.

    Last updated 3 March 2022
  9. Early Years e-learning modules – Free Training!

    Five new and free e-learning modules designed specifically for early years staff.

    Last updated 3 March 2022
  10. Autism and Social Communication Team.

    Specialist Learning Support Assistant Surgeries The Autism and Social Communication Team are delighted to be offering drop in surgeries hosted…

    Last updated 15 November 2021